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Wealth Planning Group

This group works with David & Juana in the delivery of wealth management solutions for some of our individuals and families with sophisticated and complex needs requiring depth of knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines.

Drawing on the expertise and advice of specialists in the group, they develop detailed wealth plans and reports incorporating financial planning and risk management strategies, tax planning strategies, and wealth transfer strategies to solve estate planning and succession issues.

We work with lawyers, accountants and actuaries and access industry processionals through Assante Wealth Management, Assante Estate and Insurance, United Financial, and various other mutual fund and insurance companies.




JAMES STURDY, Vice-President 

CI Investments

James Sturdy, Vice-President of CI Investments has over 15 years of experience within the financial services industry.  James got his start in the financial services industry working at an independent financial planning office developing investment portfolios for a wide range of individual and corporate clients.  He has been with CI Investments for the past twelve years and in his role, he works with advisors throughout Western Canada to develop tailored investment solutions for their clients through CI's diverse product line-up.

James’s manages a territory across southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In this role, James meets with the money managers and product designers at CI Investments.  The information he gleans from these communications, he then passes along to the financial professionals in his region.  James is also a Certified Coach Practitioner.  The deep understanding of financial products combined with the analysis of financial advisor’s practices puts him in a unique consultative position to his clients.



Vice-President of Estate Planning

Assante Estate & Insurance Services Inc.

Bradley C. Charlton, is the Vice President of Estate Planning, based in Calgary. He joined Assante in December 2007.

Brad has 20 years of experience in the industry.  He began his career as an advisor which ultimately led to marketing consultant, a Regional Tax and Estate Planning Consultant, and advanced case responsibilities. These experiences allowed him to establish an excellent reputation with various distribution models and advisors in the region.

Brad is a member of the Calgary Estate Planning Council, Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting and Advocis.

His background and experience in sales and marketing allow him to move easily between complicated advanced and large case situations as well as general issues relating to the overall marketing of risk products in our industry.